RSA: Business-Driven Security

RSA is trusted throughout the world, by the largest and most prominent businesses and governmental agencies to help them protect what matters most to their success. RSA’s industry-leading products are complemented by a force of Cybersecurity and Risk Experts, located around the globe, with a single purpose of helping our customers realize the confidence and countless other benefits derived from Business Driven Security.

RSA Archer Suite

RSA Archer Suite is designed for, and used by, customers in a wide ranges of industries. RSA has the expertise and customer community in financial services, healthcare, government and other areas that ensure RSA Archer Suite is a good fit for the needs and regulatory requirements of all types of customers. RSA Archer offers over 35 “out of the box” use cases for Integrated Risk Management (IRM). (Note: traditionally this domain has been called governance, risk and compliance, or GRC.)These use cases are built on industry standards and best practices acquired from RSA’s experience serving customers’ needs. The RSA Archer Community includes users across IRM domains, industries and geographies. It’s an active community, with frequent knowledge sharing in RSA’s online platform and many national and regional RSA Archer events.
RSA Archer Suite is in the leaders quadrant in four Gartner Magic Quadrants including:
1.2017 Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management
2.2017 Magic Quadrant for Business Continuity Management
3.2017 Magic Quadrant for IT Vendor Risk Management
4.2016 Magic Quadrant for Operational Risk Management.


RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite

RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite brings togetherfraud protection,adaptive authentication,web threat detectionandfraud intelligence servicesto protect organizations and consumers from online and mobile fraud,phishing,account takeoverand data breaches. The suite includes:
•RSA Adaptive Authentication for risk-based, multi-factor authentication
•RSA Web Threat Detection identifies sophisticated fraud threats and detects a variety of fraudulent activities.
•RSA Mobile Transaction Protection, a mobile SDK to identify fraud across mobile browsers and mobile applications
•RSA FraudAction, an outsourced, managed service that provides highly effective fraud protection against phishing and other cybercrime threats
•RSA FraudAction Cyber Intelligence Service, providing the latest information about fraud trends, and reports on a wide range of cybercrime attacks


RSA®IdentityGovernance and Lifecycle

Point-and-click configurability: RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle provides an easy-to-use, point-and-click approach for customers to configure the solution for their governance needs. In the rare cases when more customization is needed, Identity Governance and Lifecycle can be customized with SQL, and SQL does not require extensive technical skills.
Access reviews: RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle supports entitlements to any application and enables administrators to set up fine-grained entitlements for users and groups. This is supported by RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle’s granular-level access reviews across applications, roles, accounts, user groups, etc., ensuring customers can easily implement their unique or specific governance needs. Broad security portfolio: RSA offers a broad portfolio that includes identity and access management (IAM), threat detection and response, fraud prevention, and governance, compliance and risk (GRC) solutions, as well as our identity governance and administration solution. Customer can reduce complexity and benefit from economies of scale when they implement RSA solutions for a range of requirements.


RSA NetWitness®Platform

RSA NetWitness Platform excels at capturing, enriching and indexing security data, including network packets, in real time. NetWitness Platform accomplishes all this along with strong performance and scalability. RSA NetWitness Platform is a complete platform covering all security domains. It performs threat detection across networks, logs and endpoints. For example, NetWitness Endpoint adds endpoint context enrichment for better incident triage and investigations. With RSA NetWitness Platform, analysts can detect, investigate and respond to threats and incidences all within the same solution. RSA NetWitness Platform serves as a context hub for comprehensive incident prioritization and investigation. RSA NetWitness Orchestrator provides out-of-the-box interoperability with more than 160 technology partners, enabling orchestration and automation across the customer’s entire security stack.
RSA NetWitness Platform 11.1, introduced in March 2018, includes:
•User and EntityBehavior Analytics (UEBA)to extend breadth of analytics that analysts can use to identify advanced threats across the enterprise. Enables the high fidelity detection of user-and entity-based threats through a set of bundled UEBA content packs, which correlate multiple data sources and identify anomalous or suspicious user behavior. Focuses analyst investigations with greater precision by extending beyond the limitations of logs.Utilizes an expanded, contextual and correlated dataset to derive powerful user behavioral insights.
•Free NetWitness Endpoint Insights agent to accelerate enterprise-wide threat detection and response. Provides a single, lightweight agent for collecting host inventories, processes, user activity, and Microsoft Windows logs.


RSA SecurID®Access

RSA SecurID Access provides strong identity assurance by performing risk analytics and evaluating context for authentication decisions. For example, SecurID examines users’ behaviors to determine if access should be allowed, and applies machine learning to self-tune access decisions. RSA SecurID is a leader in the identity and authentication market. Over 25,000 organizations of all sizes around the world use RSA SecurID solutions. RSA SecurID Access was the winner of SC Magazine’s “Best Multifactor Solution award in 2015, 2016 and 2017. l editions of RSA SecurID Access include optional on-premise components. Some customers prefer this deployment method; for example, they may not feel comfortable with or ready to have their deployment hosted outside their infrastructure.
RSA offers three product editions:
•RSA SecurID Access Base –MFA and SSO
•RSA SecurID Access Enterprise –As above, designed for enterprise scalability
•RSA SecurID Access Premium –As above, and adds more advanced risk-based analytics
Additionally, RSA offers the RSA Identity Lifecycle & Governance solution.

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