Reclaim control over your

cybersecurity reality with Security Assessment, Business Risk Evaluation, and Mitigation Planning

Security Assessment

Hyver conducts a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment, covering the entire organization. With highly experienced red teams performing real attacks, Hyver

reveals complete attack routes that place business assets at risk.

Business Risk Evaluation Mitigation Planning

Hyver uses advanced algorithms and graph modeling to calculate the risk of each attack scenario and route to evaluate the organization’s security level.

Hyver translates technical risks into business risks by correlating asset value, severity of vulnerabilities and threat actor activity.

Mitigation Planning

Hyver creates an optimized mitigation plan by weighing the potential business impact against the exploitability of

the threat and cost of mitigation. Hyver provides actionable steps to mitigate relevant threats, starting with

those that present the highest risk to business assets. This enhances the company’s security posture, while enabling

efficient allocation of resources and remediation efforts.


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